Hello, my name is Vanessa. I am the quality CNC (clinical nurse consultant) in Central West.

I started my graduate program in emergency at Logan Hospital, Metro South, and I spent a really great time there and was lucky to get a permanent position after my grad, worked my way through there until I was a clinical nurse in the children's emergency.

The support is amazing, the whole graduate and organisational team through the nursing and midwifery education team are really hands on, really supportive.

You attend multiple whole day training sessions, you've got grad CF (clinical facilitator) support who you can ring, who will come and answer your questions regardless of how silly you think they are, a beautiful nurse educator who is invested in making sure that everybody has the best chance of succeeding and just generally it's a really great culture of supporting graduates at that hospital and you have a really great time.

So, I think that the graduate program offered through Queensland Health gives you the support and sets you up in a second to none way really.

Last updated: May 2024