Allied health training

We provide training and professional development opportunities for allied health professionals and students including:

Medical training

If you're a qualified medical practitioner you may be able to take part in our medical specialty training programs.

Cunningham Centre

The Cunningham Centre is part of Darling Downs Health and is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

We deliver education and training to Queensland Health staff and external students in areas such as:

  • allied health
  • nursing
  • sterilisation services.

The Cunningham Centre offers courses for nurses and midwives through flexible learning options. The courses provide you with the knowledge and clinical skills you need to work in urban, rural and remote settings.

The courses take place through:

  • video conferencing
  • webinars
  • face-to-face workshops.

A range of non-clinical professional development programs are also available, including training incentive funding for Queensland Health’s:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Liaison Officers
  • Administrative Officers
  • Clinical Assistants
  • Operational Officers.

You can find out more by visiting the Cunningham Centre website.

Queensland Centre for Mental Health Learning

The Queensland Centre for Mental Health Learning (Learning Centre) is a Queensland Health based training provider offering a range of education options to mental health professionals and other professionals who are seeking core mental health education. Find out more on the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Learning website.

Online learning - iLearn

Our iLearn Learning Management System hosts training courses that any staff can access, including our non-Queensland Health workforce.

How to access iLearn

If you work for us, you can access iLearn using the:

  • iLearn icon on your work desktop
  • QHEPS iLearn web page login link using your Queensland Health email address and password.

If you’re new to working with us, please be aware your iLearn account will be created automatically within 2 weeks of your start date.

If you need access to complete training before this, please select your account type on the iLearn registration page and follow the instructions to get started.

If you don’t work for us, you must register for access. To log in after you’ve registered, use the email address and password you used when you signed up.

If you need help to register, please contact the Queensland Health iLearn support desk on 1800 198 175.

If you’ve forgotten your password or want to reset it, click 'Forgot your password' on the iLearn login page and follow the prompts.

To reactivate your account after a period of absence, do not attempt to create a new account. Visit the iLearn Help Centre or contact the Queensland Health iLearn support desk for assistance.

You can access iLearn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We recommend you complete your training using an industry standard web browser on your PC or laptop device.

Where to get help

Contact the Queensland Health iLearn support desk on 1800 198 175.

Queensland Health computers can access the Online IT support for iLearn or visit the iLearn intranet FAQs.

Clinical Skills Development Service

The Clinical Skills Development Service is an external service that provides simulation education and training to our staff and external healthcare providers.

Last updated: November 2023