Rural generalist pathway

The rural generalist pathway supports medical officers with targeted training, development and support to become a Rural Generalist.

The pathway is flexible and provides you with the opportunity to:

  • explore a wide variety of clinical training
  • develop the advanced skill set needed to support the health needs of rural communities.

Find out more about the pathway on the Generalist Pathway website.

Senior medical relief program

We have opportunities for senior medical professionals to work in short term relief roles in our rural and remote areas.

What the benefits are

There are many benefits of working in a short-term relief role, including:

  • the sense that you’re making a difference to the life of a rural colleague and an entire community
  • opportunities to practice in a hospital and combined hospital and general practice setting
  • the experience of working in culturally diverse communities and locations that you may not normally get to visit.

Where you can work

Most of our hospital and health services have a rural element and range from close proximity to large cities to remote islands or inland settings.

To work in one of our short-term relief opportunities, contact the Workforce Services Manager, Queensland Country Practice at or phone 07 3199 3959.

Last updated: January 2024