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    Information and resources for healthcare professional students wishing to complete clinical placements within Queensland Health facilities.

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    Information about Student Placement Deeds and organising and administering clinical placements for healthcare professional students.

Nursing and Midwifery Regional, Rural and Remote Student Placement Allowance

Are you interested in experiencing a placement in a Queensland Health regional, rural or remote facility?

As a final stage or year student nurse or midwife you might be able to apply for a $5,000 cost of living allowance to support your clinical placement.

What's new

Please see below a summary of important updates impacting the organisation and/or operation of clinical placements in Queensland Health facilities.

Repeal of COVID-19 vaccination mandate

23/10/2023: The Acting Director-General of Queensland Health recently announced that from 25 September 2023 Queensland Health and Queensland Ambulance Service no longer mandate COVID-19 vaccination for employees, prospective employees, contractors, agency workers, students and volunteers. Please refer to the COVID-19 and clinical placement page for further information on the repeal, use of respirators and fit testing requirements.

Update to Student Orientation Checklist v22_4.0

23/10/2023: The following updates were made to the Student Orientation Checklist:

  • Removal of mandatory COVID-19 vaccination requirement
  • Inclusions of fit testing (where required)
  • Update to Reference Note 11 Hepatitis B
  • Update to Reference Note 12 fit testing
  • Update to Reference Note 7 – replacement weblink.

To access the updated Student Orientation Checklist, please visit the Resources website.

Fit testing for students

29/08/2023: Queensland Health’s Fit testing of particulate filter respirators in respiratory protection programs implementation guidance was revised and republished in April 2023. This guidance provides information for decision-makers and healthcare workers about the safe and practical implementation of fit testing as part of respiratory protection programs. It also contains information relevant to students on placements, including specifying when students should be fit tested by their education provider prior to commencing a placement.

Last updated: May 2024