Working in rural, regional and remote healthcare settings provides unique opportunities you wouldn’t get in metropolitan hospital settings.

Our regions and locations

You'll work in diverse environments that offer attractive lifestyle opportunities and experiences and enable you to make significant differences in small communities.

These communities will help you grow, connect, learn and create life-defining experiences that will shape you as a health professional and a person.

Read about our rural regions and locations.

Rural and remote allowances

We have entitlements and incentives if you work in a rural or remote area. Find out about the incentives on our salaries and benefits page.

Rural and remote pathway

Are you ready to embark on a Queensland first initiative for registered nursing and midwifery graduates?

We’ve designed our rural, remote pathway (RR-Pathway) to accelerate your career while providing compassionate care to communities across Queensland. In the 2-year program you’ll complete your graduate year (the first year) in a rural and/or remote location and your second year in a major hospital. There are 3 clusters, so you can choose locations that work for you.

This pathway allows you to work in some of Queensland’s most diverse, challenging, rewarding health services. By taking part in this innovative program, you’ll gain knowledge and skills that will prepare you for a lifelong career in nursing or midwifery.

Southern cluster

  • Children’s Health Queensland
  • Darling Downs HHS
  • Gold Coast HHS
  • Metro South HHS
  • West Moreton HHS

Central cluster

  • Central Queensland HHS
  • Central West HHS
  • Metro North HHS
  • South West HHS
  • Sunshine Coast HHS
  • Wide Bay HHS

Northern cluster

  • Cairns and Hinterland HHS
  • Mackay HHS
  • North West HHS
  • Torres and Cape HHS
  • Townsville HHS

Last updated: May 2024