What the benefits are

There are many benefits of working in a short-term relief role, including:

  • the sense that you’re making a difference to the life of a rural colleague and an entire community
  • opportunities to practice in a hospital and combined hospital and general practice setting
  • the experience of working in culturally diverse communities and locations that you may not normally get to visit.

Where you can work

Most of our hospital and health services have a rural element and range from close proximity to large cities to remote islands or inland settings.

In these roles you may work in:

  • nutrition and dietetics
  • occupational therapy
  • pharmacy
  • physiotherapy
  • podiatry
  • radiography - including mammography specialisation
  • social work
  • speech pathology.

To work in one of our short-term relief opportunities, you can express your interest by applying to be a reliever through the SmartJobs website.

Last updated: November 2023