My name is Megan and I'm a registered midwife.

I was a nurse for a really long time and decided to become a midwife and was looking for a grad year. It was super competitive, I didn't get my grad year down in Brisbane and I thought I might as well just take the plunge and I started reaching out. They offered me a Weipa position and I interviewed and got it.

So, I'm here as a new grad. I've loved every minute in Weipa. It's a very close community and it's really nice, you go down the shops and you see people that you've been caring for throughout the day, which is really lovely.

The staff are really supportive and I feel like I've got an experience here that I wouldn't have gotten a tertiary facility down in Brisbane. So yeah, I feel very blessed.

So, I've travelled out to communities, surrounding communities in the Western Cape. You know, you take a charter to work which not many people can say that they do.

I've got a lot of the competencies that you struggle to get in your first year as a new grad. So, I've been able to do that and yeah, just a lot of the little everyday things that you have a massive team down a tertiary facility and it's up to you.

So you work within your full scope, which is something really important to me.

I think some of the challenges are that you have to be quick thinking on your feet and I think it is an expectation that you sort of take some autonomy over your practice. Which whilst it can be a challenge, it's definitely rewarding in the long run because nine times out of ten you know exactly what you're doing. You just second guessing yourself.

Last updated: May 2024