Hi, I'm Lucy. I'm a registered nurse in Barcaldine. I was a grad last year, did the Blackall Barcaldine rotation and came back for a second year.

I chose the Central West because the program looked amazing online. They support you through doing your advanced support, your paediatric life support, your triage, your ED all within the first six months, which you don't get in a metro facility or a lot of other rural places as well, which is really enticing for grads to come out and do that.

All the way from like the DONs (Director of Nursing), to the execs, right down to the other nurses and the clinical facilitators are amazing.

They'll support you all the way through, both on a personal level and in the hospital. They're always around, so easy to talk to.

One benefit with the Central West is they offer you accommodation. So, if you are moving from Brisbane or elsewhere, they'll put you up in the nursing quarters. It's a real benefit because you're not looking for rentals or place, you're not spending a heap on sort of accommodation and they really look after you in that way.

So many opportunities, they will always have you back, stay for a second year. You get to learn so much.

You’re coming out on a grad program, not really knowing anyone, that's probably one challenge but with the support of the nurses and your other grads, you make friends super easy, which is good.

Last updated: May 2024