My name's Ebony. I'm in the graduate program, so I'm a graduate registered nurse and I'm based at Winton.

I'm nearing the end of the grad program. So, it's essentially a rotation program. You do six months at Longreach Hospital and then six months in Winton.

So, I relocated from the Gold Coast. I just drove out, they had the accommodation ready in the nursing quarters or nursing pods, you just come to the hospital, pick up your keys, get shown your room and then you good to go.

Everyone's quite young and in the same boat away from home, so, it's a lot more of a social and accepting community from where I previously worked and lived in as well.

Throughout the whole 12 months you’re given heaps of support, you do your triage competency, you do your ALS (advanced life support), your PALS (pediatric advanced life support) as well, plus all ED skills as well.

So, usually in a metro facility it takes you a good two to three years in the emergency department to even be able to advance and be considered to have that qualification under your belt.

You're essentially a baby nurse out here, you do a lot of ED experience and everything does really get advanced over a short period of time, so, you know, you're always having to challenge yourself and think on your feet and just make sure you're doing it correctly, but there's enough resources and support out here.

There's always opportunities to go work even more rural and remote at the Primary Health Centres. So, volunteering to work there when there's events on, that will be the best way of seeing stuff clinically and also making yourself more confident clinically as well. But yeah, just always say yes.

Last updated: May 2024