Hi I'm Abby and I'm in my second six month rotation in the graduate program.

If you’re the type of nurse, like how I was when I was an undergraduate that you didn't find a certain area of nursing where you like ‘oh, I don't like that’ or ‘I love doing that’ you just get tastes of everything.

So, when you do find your like sweet spot in an area or maybe it is rural nursing that when you go back to a big a tertiary hospital, you have got all this different little bits of experience.

In a small rural hospital you get the ED side of nursing as well as the acute ward and at Barcaldine it’s called a MPHS (Multi Purpose Health Service) so there is aged care attached to it as well.

So, you got such diversity of what you can do. You're not tunnelled off into one specific area of nursing.

So, there's a quite a few clinical facilitators, there’s one based at each different hospital, but then when we have a training day they all come together and yeah you get trained and supported well. They're always available to chat to.

My dream job as a nurse is to work as a retrieval nurse with the flying doctors and to see how closely we do work with them out here, we take the patients out to the plane, it’s incredible watching them like, you know, you can be in the back of an ambulance and they're like, ‘okay, we'll put in an arterial line’ the sheer experiences you get with all sorts of clinical areas.

Last updated: May 2024