Hear from Chrystal, a Registered Nurse who did her graduate program with Children’s Health Queensland.

My name is Chrystal. I'm a Wakka Wakka woman from Eidsvold. I'm a registered nurse here at Queensland Children's Hospital on Jagera and Turrbal Country.

If you are lucky enough to get a graduate year here the transition to paediatric practice was fabulous, really supportive in getting me through everything to feel confident as a nurse.

There’s lots of grad days, so you can go through and learn all your skills, learn all your practical skills and all your theoretical skills and it really gets you set up.

I've always been able to attend lots of education days and professional developmental days, and it's supportive too.

Your clinical practice facilitator on the ward will support you and your clinical facilitators support you on the ward as well as your CPFs, who are helping you through the transition to paediatric practice as well. So, you feel really well supported during that 12 months.

It was it was a well-designed pathway to get me where I am now because you are learning to be a nurse so, I think it really equipped me with the skills that I needed.

As an Indigenous person working here it makes me feel really empowered to know that I'm supported by other nurses here and colleagues on the ward.

If you're doing a nursing degree and you're thinking about Queensland Health, throw your hat in the ring, get in there, jump in, you've got this!

Last updated: May 2024