Graduate Registered Nurse Emma: I moved here solely for the grad position because I knew what a good program it was and what a great opportunity it was going to be and how much I'd learn.

Clinical Nurse Consultant Vanessa: The graduate program offered through Queensland Health gives you the support and sets you up in a second to none way really.

Registered Nurse Chrystal: It was a well-designed pathway to get me where I am now. I couldn't recommend it enough.

Graduate Registered Nurse Lauren: It is so fun, you meet the best people ever and you just learn a lot.

Graduate Registered Nurse Ivy: The social and emotional support that I received was amazing.

Registered Midwife Rachel: I was made to feel very comfortable, always encouraged to ask questions, always pushed to go and do further development.

Registered Nurse Lucy: The DONs (Directors of Nursing) to the exec right down to the other nurses and the clinical facilitators are amazing, they’ll support you all the way through, both on a personal level and in the hospital.

Graduate Registered Nurse Ebony: You're essentially a baby nurse out here, you do a lot of ED experience and everything does really get advanced over a short period of time. So, you know, you always having to challenge yourself.

Graduate Registered Nurse Emma: I've learned more in the last four months as a graduate registered nurse than I have in my whole nursing career.

Graduate Registered Nurse Emily: The professional opportunities for development and growth and all of the learning opportunities that we've had.

Graduate Registered Nurse Ebony: I relocated from the Gold Coast, and so, I just drove out they had the accommodation ready in the nursing quarters or nursing pods, you just come to the hospital, pick up your keys, get shown your room and then you’re good to go.

Acting Director of Nursing Corey: We like people who come with a go get attitude and like to work across everything and give anything a go.

Registered Nurse Chrystal: If you're doing a nursing degree and you're thinking about Queensland Health, throw your hat in the ring, get in there, you've got this!

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Last updated: May 2024